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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

the cubicles

office has different shape. some takes the shape of a house, some a skycrapers.
the typical office from 80s onwards: cubicles. dilbert. cramped small room. circumsized room. boxed privacy. others: wall to wall glasses for middle managers and sups.

I'm a cubicle prisoner now, since there are more staff members in the office. the best thing about cubicle is the wall and the corner. the worst thing about a cubicle is the boss next door.

the worst thing about a cubicle is the standard office setting. and you end up regretting why your career seem to end up as a staff with no say about how the office should look like. why there should be hierarchy. complainings? some says it's a free country. some says it's real life. you say, there should not be cubicle because you don't work in a 30 stories office megabuilding. you work in a mere house. big one. but cubicle is needed because you don't want other people to stare at your stockpiling papers on your desk.

i don't know what to say about my cubicle. it would be super if i can have my computer inside the cubicle instead of outside and having to share it with others. it's a limp privacy. an impotent freedom. *argh*

isn't the world an impotent freedom? what is freedom after all?



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