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Tuesday, November 27, 2001


ever wondered how lawyers work?
ever realized that lawyers are not just lawyers as seen on tv?
ever realized that there are a wide array of lawyers?
ever realized that they are paid in an handsome sum of money per HOUR?
ever realized that their signature can cause a company
to lay off thousand of their employees in merging two companies into one?
ever realized that they may play a significant role in tax evasion scheme?
ever wondered what makes them so damn expensive?

there are litigation lawyers.
there are opinion lawyers.
there are negotiating lawyers.
there are ally mc beal.

mahogany furnitures and airconned workspace.
foreign currency salary, mostly in US Dollars, charged per hour.
designer suits and heavenly perfumes.
prominent law firm, prominent network.
intellectual snobs?
we are our own boss.

tax evasion scheme? how much money you got?
moving company to another country? how much is the deal?
what is it that you need to know?
the current binding and valid complete laws of this and that matter.
listed ongoing valid laws plus available amandments.

dispute settlement. employer vs employees. company vs labor. husbands vs wives.
murderers vs victims.
money laundering. tax evasion. company merger.
any industry. any business.
hours of talk. hours of discussion. compromise. way out. solution.
hours of research. tons of evidences. good evidence. bad evidence.
verdicts. convicts. winners. loosers. courtrooms. round tables.
defendants. prosecutors.
clients. partners. juniors. seniors.

you name it, we got it.
cut the deal, sign the paper.
pay the bill.

"It's a glam world if I stay in the capital. I opted to find a different location
and got into litigation in criminal court.
The money is not good. But I got to be in a different atmosphere.
Cases come and go. Loosing is never an option.
Another case. I won.The verdict was not guilty. The defendant walked.
Guess what?
Bad evidence. The case was reopened. I resigned from the criminal court.
Will probably go into business and play safe this time.
Becomes a paper lawyer perhaps."

"I can't stand dealing with clients.
I can't stand the reality and the consequences I have to face.
Someone came up to meet me, saying, our company has to pay this much tax.
can't you do something about it? you can do a tax evasion scheme.
it's simple and everybody does that. the paper is ready.
we both sign the legal paper and we make sure that
the tax will be decreased from the initial portion.
we guarantee that nothing will happen that everything will be okay.
I realize the sum of tax which has been successfully evaded.
God, that much money. God, it can feed thousands of people.
Providing better access to basic needs. How can I sleep peacefully at night?"



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