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Thursday, July 07, 2005

well-rounded yahoo

I feel so much like a hypocrite by writing this about yahoo! *wth*
I've been using yahoo! since I've known the Internet back in 1994? 1995? Can't really remember. They were the biggest before Google was even invented. The services of Yahoo! as well as the interface has been improving a lot. Although, it is trying to look like "Apple" and "XP" from time to time.

The biggest buzz when yahoo! mail gave away 1 GB of inbox to all of its users. I dunno, whether they are trying to cope with Gmail of Google with its more gigs of bytes.

Another softer buzz echoed shyly I'd say through "Yahoo! 360" when Blogger becomes the most-talked-about blog service provider. I guess, because "blogger" rhymes with the verb "to blog" and therefore, netizens all the web over recognize it better than "Livejournal" or "Blogdrive" Sorry to say, but yahoo is probably trying too much to become what everybody else is i.e. "Friendster", "Flickr", "Blogger".

Why? In "Yahoo! 360" they have "my friends" menu, which enables users to invite their fellow 360 users and to connect their "360". Then, users can also upload pictures within the blog and share it with friends. Then of course the blogging service. Which interface is pretty much the same as this "Blogger" thing.

Au contraire, Yahoo! already has a sort of "pool of service" through its "My Yahoo!" page, in which users can choose what the first start up page of the browser looks like. Users can add comic strip of the day, news headlines from major news services, etc.

Sorry for being too demanding, despite my being a free-rider, but what I'd like to see is a service that function as a "one-stop-online-service" for everything. Yeah rite, of course that won't be available for free.. *smirk*

But then again, perhaps this will give an idea to those "Yahoo! people" (ironic ey.. "yahoo people" *grins*) on how to come up with a product *winks*

Anyways, I hereby invite you visitors and readers of my blog at blogger to stop by at my 360 at: http://360.yahoo.com/bluefeldspar


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