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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

afterhour delirium

frozen love songsSkycrapers with dimly lit lamps feigning power saving. Save energy now. We are 50 years late. The road is still hectic. Six-lane avenue that cuts the Metropole into South and North halves. This is a lazy evening.

"..it keeps trying to save me,
don't believe a word I say,
fever fairytale.."

A blowing instrument suffers from Martini hangover. Was it saxophone? Keine Ahnung.. Murky melody corking your heart out.

Huge neon signs. Humongous vinyl advertising banner on the pedestrian bridge hanging accross the fast-paced tracks. Piano keys. A, B, C.. soft drums? Any hitting instruments.

"..my late ego,
under your pillow, old radio.."

Smooth cymbals. Blurry voice. Soft yet high pitched.

"..and so we meet again,
so without it we will not feel pain,
so we will meet again,
at the lovely/lasting tree.."

Red light at the giant turnabout. Night cops smoking away the stale polluted damp air. Fourteen billion automated fountain is switched off. Roll down your window to see

"..my shadow love me,
just like I love myself.."

drifting away through fast and slow lanes. Cruising on top of 20 storeys structures.

It's kinda blues. It's Nina Simone and something else. A bit unexplicable to the common ears. Trip hop?

Very personal. Like mixing three flavors of gelato and licking the creamy texture to the final splatz. Interrupting the icy taste with bitter nicotines on your pink taste buds.


Artist: Tika | Title: Frozen Love Songs | c 04/2005 Rooftopsound | Distributed by Aksara Record | All song, lyrics and images are protected | Made in Indonesia


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