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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

darth vader vs princess

man and wife
Parsons carefully crafted and revealed the other side of a stud. A human being. When a man is love struck, make ways! For he will beat any rhinoceros in a 100 meters sprint and will ram his whole body on to the wall in the end of the race. Wrecked. FUBAR (f*cked up beyond any recognition).

Parsons had to write a happy end, otherwise the dreamy public will hate him. Despite that, he was able to be true to his call (a man's calling): to be true to purest love, to be true to his soul, to be the provider. How's dat fer a man?

I got bored when I reach the first half of the book and was literally flipping through the pages randomly scanning for anything interesting. It's a bit dragging in the end. But then again, this is the subjective little me. I'm more used to fast-paced one, different than the mainstream story. Anyways, Parsons did describe a very humanistic man. They are NOT that strong.. (no no no no no, I am NOT a feminist. take away that label).


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