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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flat Bones

They were scheduled to play in a small gig in a hotel within my neighborhood. Small hotel cafe dressed as an underground gig. Why not? It's just within walking distance. It would be interesting to learn more about one of Indonesia's new pop-rock band with two hit tunes i.e. "Musnah" and "Sempurna" (the latter is more laid back).

I hear "Musnah" (Ruined) pretty often, be that as a video clip on TV or in radio or anywhere. I like the industrial-like guitar on refrain or bridge or whatever. Since the lead guitarist is still a guitarist of another famous band (Dewa), I naturally expected "Andra and the Backbone" to deliver similar tunes to "Musnah".

As of "Sempurna" (Perfect), it's a mellow song about "the perfect woman bla bla", which melody and lyrics makes everyone melts. Well, it's pop music, so they'd better win the hearts of general public *winks* The Backbone delivered an interesting guitar acoustic performance in "Sempurna". So, I was hoping to find a few nice tunes in between the grandiose of "Musnah" and the warm-hearted "Sempurna".

Turned out that I was so wrong. The Backbone delivered something that was a bit hard for me to balance. It's far from easy for pop, yet it would not split any ears.

Flat flat flat..

On the other hand, the vocalist looks kinda cool this time..

"Andra and The Backbone" - official web site of



Blogger milk.tea.girl said...

LOL! Flat bones! I've never seen them sing live before so I suppose that was interesting enough :) Are you heading for JakJazz this weekend or have you flown off for a little R&R in Bali?

By the way, our dear friend Hussain wants another meet. He's got a long interesting story to tell. Perchance you're free next week? Sometime after office hours, he suggests.

Sat Nov 24, 01:04:00 AM 2007


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