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Friday, July 13, 2007

Screen Wide, Screen Bright

Spiderman 3
I don't quite understand what's so big about "darkness" here. Well, I guess I'm just too old. However, the "PG 13" rating suits well. If you are into parenting.. only if..

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Quite amusing, but a bit too dragging towards the middle to end. I lost it when the two contending pirate groups went into battle. What is it that they're after anyways? Anybody?

3 Hari Untuk Selamanya
I'd be Lisa Simpson sucking thumbs saying "suck.. suck.. suck.." (big time)..
Coming of age with weed and sex? Is it THAT big??? I wonder, if you keep smoking pot every other hour, would you be able to arrive safe and sound at the other end of your destination.. which is say.. around 1,000 kilometres from your point of departure?

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Enuff said. Should stay as a graphic novel if comic book is too short.

Ocean's 13
Eye Candy! Too bad the hotel is a only a computer-generated image..
Otherwise, it would both a structural and architectural achievement.. (is it?) I think the helipad is cool. Although Damon's extended nose is a bit too much.

Yay! Another "military industrial complex" setting?
Despite the ancient "alien invasion" gendre, the computer-generated graphics is way cool. The movie itself is paradoxical here and there. Bad guys takes the shape of military "mecha" aka machines, while the good guys is the working class of the America culture: Camaro and the big truck. The good guys are the civilians. To spoil the whole thing, it's the military who's in control.. (AGAIN??)

Taxi 4
Well, the French should really learn about making jokes.. This is a drop dead boring comedy-wanna be..

Die Hard 4
Probably most awaiting movie of 2007.. A few words only.. if you were 60, would you jump from the hot tail of an F-22 Raptor down 5-7 floors to a highway rubbles? (or ramming your sedan into a hovering Chopper 25 meters above the ground?)
Again, the computer blah blah is compelling.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Aha.. they're all young adults now.. Don't like the hanging ending.
Very much like the political undercurrent where the Minister of Wizardry is trying to control subjects at school and school itself. Really like the "Pink is the New Black" thingy.. I think it's awesome.

Anyways, I'm very much looking for "Ratatouille".. the gray rat with pink nose called "Remy".. should be furry..



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