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Thursday, April 05, 2007


quikcuts playerI'm not advertising "Quiksilver", a prominent brand that produces surfing, snowboarding and skateboard clothings and their related accessories. But I found that they have an interesting marketing strategy (I'd say that's a way of marketing their stuffs) that turns their goods more than just goods, but a lifestyle that comes with the product.


It's intoxicating. At least for me, who can't stand random choice of music in an online radio and only listen to music every now and then..

Quikcuts is not only for PC users, but also for Mac users. They also connect iPod users to iTunes. Well, audio isn't my thing. But I guess those who are so much into music will like Quikcuts' artist showcase. They change the showcase every now and then, so come back for more!

Wear your headphones and turn up the volume..



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