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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is your fear?

The fear genie is already out of the bottle, enjoying the surroundings for awhile, then decided to be bored with its magic lamp and is out to find a more comfortable lamp..

Is it? Well, I'd say sometimes the biggest fear of all is our fear itself. What is your fear? Jihad? Terrorism? Mine is depleting energy and the ignorance of human to find alternative energy..

clipped from www.appscout.com

"We need to think about Al Qaida as a brand that is franchising," as well as thinking about it as an Internet-fueled, leaderless movement, he said. And the way to deal with the movement is to stop the indoctrination of new recruits.

"We can't capture and kill our way to victory... We need to be attacking their ideas instead of their structures," he said. Anti-terrorism needs to be a media campaign to undo the seduction of a violent point of view.

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