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Friday, October 14, 2005


state of fear
This is Crichton's newest novel that defies the truth and facts about global climate change. Reviews said that the novel contains too many data (tables, graphics, perhaps even footnotes?) and a bit boring (perhaps because of the data). I find it interesting to know Crichton's view on climate change. Well, this is a novel and not really his view and opinion, but still.. it's something that came out from his mind.

Speaking of coming out, I remember my old fascination to spy novels. I'm more into Forsyth and Clancy. Clancy's latest novel was terrible. Can't find Forsyth's novel everywhere and I guess I'm stuck with Le Carre. He's great, but I don't really read his works. This is his masterpiece according to the reviews. But the book is too thin.the spy who came in from the cold

I am currently reading "My Name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk. Pretty interesting, especially when it gets to arguing ways to understand and then record reality. It's a bit philosophical.

So, Le Carre or Crichton? Any takes?


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