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Friday, November 11, 2005

"sweet euthanasia"

everybody loves irene!
The words "sweet euthanasia" was stolen from these guys' blog, or something that resembles a blog.

I was fishing any new stuff from my list of 41 groups that I subscribed to at "yahoo! groups" and stumbled into an e-mail about a "Indonesian trip-hop band". Geez.. something similar to "Portishead" but by Indonesians? With international reviews of various very foreign languages like Poland.

What an intoxicating music they have..
Sweet, yet murky but liberating.
It might the weater as Jakarta is pouring heavily in the past one hour. Everything seems to snug perfectly into an "out of the box" performance of "Everybody Loves Irene".

These guys are amazing and they're so young (you guys just finished junior high, aren't you? or?). I don't give a damn about their age, but they do produce intoxicating music dan sends you to.. places you name it *winks*

Feast on them here. Free MP3 are available for download and listening:
"Everybody Loves Irene"



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