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Friday, May 26, 2006


WWF Powerswitch Campaign

I've finished "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. Pretty controversial text, I presume. The novel defies the facts of climate change, arguing that the earth is not warming, instead the earth is getting cooler from day by day and that we are actually heading for a "little ice age".

On the other hand, since 1970s up to now, scientists have been doing researches that confirm the earth is getting warmer and warmer due to increased human activities and industries the world over. The more fuel that we consume, the warmer the planet is. Fuel is not only cars that we ride everyday to the office and taking the kids to school, it's also electricity that we are using for our daily household appliances. Ever realized that the power plants that supply electricity to our very own houses are using fossil fuel and therefore release more and more pollution. Of course there are water turbines that generate electricity, but in some other place, they also use million tons of coal to generate electricity.

The increased global oil price (it's somewhere around US$ 72 now, if I'm not mistaken) doesn't really curb humans' fuel consumption.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is doing an interesting campaign called "PowerSwitch!" and you can do lotsa interesting things in its web site.

"Use your PC to save the climate!"

"You Can Act at Home!"

Take Action the FUN way!
Play Me!

And don't forget to sign the pledge! It will help WWF increase its bargaining position against large industries and politician. Let's just cross our fingers..

Sign the Pledge

Last but not least, you might be curious about how much energy you consume every time you go to work. Find out here:
"Measure your ecological footprint!"



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