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Thursday, August 24, 2006

"houston, we have a problem.."

Apollo 11 Mission Badge

If you'd like to see a space shuttle cuts through the sky to a spot somewhere on space, go to Houston, the location of NASA's Space Center. Featured in Tom Hank's movie "Apollo 13" (1995), the phrase "Houston, we have a problem.." becomes a famous reference to a dire situation that requires help.

Well, I never know how big is Houston's problem as NASA loses the tapes of Apollo 11's mission to the moon.

As this news appeared on a news bar of a local TV station a couple of days ago, the only thing that struck my mind was a movie that I saw when VCD was still a futuristic concept, some time in early 1980s. I was still in my elementary school days, could not even spell "NASA" and didn't know the power of "conspiracy" and "politics". I forgot the title of that movie. My attempt at "googling" it is futile.

The movie was about the making of "Apollo 11 Mission", that the mission is a hoax and the spectacular moon-landing scene was staged in a movie studio somewhere.

Astronout's foot print on the moon

I have no idea whether it's true or not, but I reckon that if man has stepped his foot on the moon 40 years ago, I'd be buying weekend getaway tickets to the moon by now!

But hey, I was happy enough that whoever has the technology, mobile phone was invented and keeping tap on most recent situation cost as little as a fracture of a dollar (US)..

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! *a la news paper boys*
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(Uh, I never realized NASA has a dozen offices. I thought "Houston" is the only one :P)

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