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Sunday, November 12, 2006

closest, cleanest, cheaper

inside For you who knows "Kemang" and been there for quite some times, you might have heard of "Dixie", this easy dining place. A friend of mine label it as "edible", I label it as "closest, cleanest, cheapest place to eat" (can't stand fast food all the time).

They're changing their concept into a pasta place. What you have to do is choose the type of pasta that you like. You may take the curly ones, the long and thin ones, the hollow ones or the classic "spaghetti" type. Then, choose the size. Yeah, not only Kemang numerous vintage boutiques make you choose your size, even "Warung Pasta" (pasta bistro) let you do that. They have S, M and L size, and each size goes by weight (in metric size).

Choose standard stir fry, appetizers or baked ones. The baked ones is quite unique. I thought they pre-cooked everything and only reheat stuffs. Wrong! I gotta wait for a few minutes before my order arrived. They do cook everything from zero!

baked pastaMy "Mushroom Chunks Baked Pasta" comes in a clay pot, but the mozarella and grated cheddar were browned. So, I guess they baked the pot without cover and present it with cover. Pretty neat. The clay pot keeps the pasta warm to the last scoop.

If you happen to be in Jakarta, bear with Kemang traffic. The worst in during weekend. "Warung Pasta" can be really full with hip and chic teens from 20:00 PM onwards.

reasonable!Pricewise, they are okay. My bill topped at around 38,000 IDR (around 4-5 USD) for free refill clear water, minestroni soup which was wayy too salty and an "M" size baked pasta.



Anonymous lenje said...

Mmmmmmmmm... i just LUURVEEE italian food! can't wait to try this one! (will it still exist by the year 2008?)

Wed Nov 15, 12:42:00 PM 2006


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