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Monday, November 13, 2006


mumblesAs I heard the sound of feet tapping the ground, I though it was "THX" cinema effect checking cinema sound system. Not! A bunch of grey furballs on some giant chunk of ice. They tap dance, sing, swim and they rock!

Meet Robin Williams wears moustache on his cheek and Hugh Jackman without "Wolverine" costume. Don't mistake Elijah Wood for Josh Groban here.

"Happy Feet"'s presence on the Internet is far more interesting compared to standard movie-length cartoon and animation (which usually only contains wallpaper and trailers). Its "download" area has anything from "growth chart" to "stickers", even a dedicated page for web masters! A nouvel way to advertise a movie and trigger creativity for young web fanatics (as young as 8 years old!)

I wonder what kind of moral is this animation movie going to promote. I like "Over the Hedge" quite a lot because I believe it has honest portrayal of today's human life style. Which is destructive.

bondThe Commander is back! Need not to say more *winks*
For those who do not wish to go through all Fleming's novel series to know more about "the guy who drinks, but not to excess", drop by at the movie's official site. It looks dark and has standard features (wallpapers and trailers), but I like the Aston Martin wallpaper and their "Dossier" page. For preview lovers, try to walk through the "Yarborough" blog feature, although it's not interactive, you can track the blog back to May 2006, when movie filming process took place.

A PSP game ala "cloak and dagger" will drive the interest of gamers (perhaps).

I wonder whether it was Daniel Craig himself who wrote the blog. BTW, who's "Yarborough"? BTW, who was Craig in "Munich"? the Hitler?

For those who reside in Indonesia, start bonding with Bond on November 15 (which is tomorrow?)

Au contraire to the "burr", it's melting hot here on the equator..

"Happy Feet" and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyrights of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 2006"

"Casino Royale" belongs to © 2006 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All Rights Reserved



Blogger Han said...

Well done.Casino Royale was out here on Monday.As I am physically ill,I may have to wait till Saturday to check out the ginger Bond.Local review was cruel to him.I only trust my eyes.Hope you're well.

Thu Nov 16, 04:49:00 PM 2006


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