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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

everybody needs a hero

daniel craigMari E. Pangestu, the Minister of Trade of Indonesia, waved good byes to a very bery important guest in Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport that evening. At the same time, around 150 people starred at the dazzling face of a sun-tanned man in black tuxedo.

As the three-decked 747 Boeing-made airplane gigantic jet engines was whirring and lazily cruising the runway for airborn procedure, the credit title rolled in and those hundred of people stood up from their seats and found their way out.

Both events, I'd say are quite a controversy. Days before the Air Force One landed in Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, thousands of people rallied despite the prolonged-drought heat of Jakarta's street. Thousands of movie enthusiasts didn't really like what the movie industry has chosen for 2006 release of this "double oh movie".

But life goes on.

Daniel Craig, despite his not-so-significant past roles (check IMDB for more info), I'd like to comment that he did try hard.

george bush jr.George W. Bush, despite his unexpected remarks in places that he visited, I'd like to comment that he did try hard to remember the name of Pakistan's president.

The blonde Bond went deranged and revealed quite some surprises. Stronger script than usual. Close ups at Bond's expression. More emotional frames. A marketing strategy to boost Craig's performance despite public's hesitancy over the choice? Well, he started off as theatre performer. I guess the poker scenes gave the soul to the Casino Royale. No matter what.

Perhaps that's the same thing with the Iraq War to Bush administration. Something that humanity and civilization will remember as a failure.

Despite all that, MGM did make lots of cash from "Casino Royale", Craig's popularity improves and increases (I think so) and Bush' attempt to strengthen his Asian's allies should turn out as something positive. Most Indonesia's media, from print to broadcast did earn cash from news bites, live reports, features, etc. Rookie reporters and journalists had to bear with strict security measures during Bush' visit, and movie goers feasted Craig's six pack and icy cold eyes.

Well, we all like to look up to someone whom we consider as having better skills or someone that we thought as important. Are we longing for a hero?

Got anybody that you look up to?


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Anonymous Kampret Nyasar said...

I guess Bush has made so many enemies and hatred to people he then barely remember who they are (anymore) :p

Everyone needs a hero, a role model he/she can attain his/herself on to and takes reference from..

I know you are a hero as well to your closest ones.. and this heroic values are generated from yours within. :)

It is nice to have visit you again, may this continues as an active touch base in other forms of communications.

I've migrated to a full-fledged hosting at a new domain address, would appreciate your updating on the blog. Hugs and kisses from West Africa :)

Fri Nov 24, 06:10:00 PM 2006


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