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Thursday, July 10, 2008

seat number three

Departing. Dunno how to recline my creaking seat. The advertised headphone as part of vehicle facility had gone kaputt, leaving only a knotted cord. I asked the girl in seat number six about the way to recline my seat.

Seat #5: "What's yours?"
Seat #6: "Two point nine seven."
Seat #5: "That's quite an achievement. Mine is zero point nine seven."

"..aku bukan siapa-siapa.. untukmu..." (ring ring.. the cellular phone rang) "Cok lon di Fatmawati. Jak ngen moto, beuh.. Fatmawati beuh.. Ka beuh.."

Irfan Herlambang
09-Jul-08 20:17
Fwd: Trima kasih saya ucapkan atas semua pengetahuan dan bimbingannya selama 3 hari di setiabudi. insya ALLOH manfa'at dan barokah.

Thinking about "Plurk" that Toni showed this afternoon. I'm just being too paranoid

Busy securing my laptop bag, two packs of steamed brownies and camera case (loaded with US$350 office camera). I'm being paranoid again, although I'm actually inside an intercity shuttle service, not in a more thief-prone night train. But still tho..


Dots of lights deep in the darkness. Looks like a plant.

Cows' butts on a semitrailer truck.


"I feel kinda sad. I got rejected. Yasmin went back to her ex. Where are you?"

Forcing my cellular phone to restart aka opened the battery latched and pulled out the battery. Too slow to play music and games at the same time.

"Well.. she said there was no chemistry. D'oh.. of course, it's only been a month.."

"Yes, talking on the cell.. It's ahy ěm θriː that I'm using."

Counting minutes. Where's Fatmawati?

Cursing myself not to make any efforts to by an MP3 player.

"..swear, I'll never get married.. That's what she said in front of her ex.."

"Yeah, I plan to go out. With a guy."

"I'm on the way, Man!"

Bekasi Square. A copy of European castles. Highway lights! Uh oh.. I'm blind..

"Hana.. Di jalan tol.. Honda jeut? Hana.. Ka beuh.."

The car picks up its speed. Hurrah!

"..Jati Asih.. Ka beuh?"

Where's my left loafer??

A neon sign read "Leading the Human Development Paradigm" by TB. Simatupang highway. What a brand..

"Where are you? Slept already? Pick up mummy, okay. Now."

This is my record of a two hours non stop travel from Bandung to Jakarta, using an intercity shuttle service with seven passengers and a driver. We left Bandung at 20:15 and reached Jakarta at 22:25.

Words typed in regular style are my thoughts, while those in italics belongs to people sitting around me. Each line represents a person's voice.



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