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Friday, August 08, 2008

Praying Zone

I've got a friend who is like many other Asians, believe in praying and a bigger power than human. That friend of mine prays a lot personally and communally, listen to divine tunes and has a routine schedule to the house of God.

Before leaving the office, that friend of mine always pray, "May my train arrive on time today."

When she arrives on her desk, she prays, "May everything goes well today and no weird demands from the bos, working colleagues and the others."

At that day, several things happened at the same time: procurement, group ticketing, handling a group of staff from a branch office and also to make sure that they got all access to hotel facilities.

What happened was:

09.00: "Why the breakfast is only valid for one person? I'm bringing my family.." (err.. are you here on business or vacation?)

10.00: "I'm on a workshop in Banda Aceh. For the past one hour, there has been three times blackouts. Darn!" (oh well, where are you and where am I? BTW, that's what happens if you choose a cheap hotel.. tee hee)

10.30: "What about that 300 flash disks? When can I start sending it away?" (My God.. I'm still finding two more bids!)

11.00: "I'd like to take this departure time.. Then, I'd like to return on.. what would be the best day to return? Stopping by in Yogyakarta would be nice.." (Mixing business and personal trip is a trend these days)

That very day, a message popped up in my YM Tiny on my mobile phone, "You know what, all those things happened at the same time. Last week I have prayed earnestly, asking for everything to be blessed and go well. I wished that the guests would be happy with the hotel and its facilities.."

So, I told her this, "You weren't focused in your praying."

She says, "Well, taking your family on a business trip is outside my praying zone!!"

Uhm.. does praying really have a zone? Does it depend on network coverage as well? Ha ha..



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