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Friday, January 23, 2009

Paper Shredder

Getting stuffs into any country can be a daunting task. This is a story of a guy, a paper shredder and a customs officer.

This guy landed with a tourist visa, although (of course) he wasn't one. He had to play the role of a "money mule" and "cross-border trader" at the same time. He had a several thousands dollars and a paper shredder stuffed in his luggage. He acted rather cool (despite the pounding heartbeats) and gaily walked towards the "green channel" when a customs officer stopped him dead. (Gotcha!)

"Open your luggage, Please." Sitting peacefully inside the luggage was a paper shredder.

The customs officer asked for his passport, then leaving through the pages, looking at the visa page (which obviously was a tourist visa) and gave this look of "why in the hell this tourist is bringing in paper shredder and stuff it in the luggage??"

"Oh, don't you know what is this? It's a paper shredder!" The guy interjected (by this second his heart has most probably beats three times faster than usual), but tried his best to maintain his cool and added, "It's very common, you know. I'm surprised if you don't have this!"

The customs officer stared at him blankly and snapped, "We have bigger ones!" And sent him away.


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