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Friday, August 08, 2008

Geli-geli, Malu-malu, Takut bini!

A friend of mine put this up as status in his Yahoo! Messenger, which I think quite hilarious:

".. If you're malu-malu, you will not get geli-geli..
If you're not geli-geli, you will get mimpi buruk..
So, let's get loud and not malu-malu.. Okay?"

("malu-malu" means "hesitated, shy". "geli-geli" may mean "excited" in this context and "mimpi buruk" means "nightmare")

He got this quips from "Jogandanz", a band who often staged their act at Kafe Pisa in Menteng, nearby Theresia Church in central Jakarta. The group plays "TOP 40" music genre on weekends. But this friend of mine wasn't sure whether that band is still playing over there or not.

This Malay type of quips reminds me another funny comment from another chat partner of mine at Yahoo! Messenger. This is what Malaysians men says about "men who's afraid of their wives":

"It's not that I'm afraid of my wive, but it's her who's not afraid of me!"
("Bukan saya takut bini, tapi bini tak takut saya!")




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