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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spring Roll

Friend: Can you please check the review and compare Nokia E71 and E66 for me?

Me: E71 it is. No need to compare further.

Friend: Why? E66 is the one with a slide, isn't it? Aren't they announced at the same time?

Me: Everybody says it's E71. Other person got it, why don't you? (Referring to another person who is not a gadget-freak)

Friend: D'oh, if that's the reason, I don't have to text you. I was hoping for a techie comparison.. Anyways, I don't need it. I have a secretary to sort out my e-mails and people are willing to wait for my answer. (Uh, sulking.. Anyways, since when become an attendant of a cellular shop somewhere in Roxy?)

Me: So, what do you want then? It all depends on your needs. Is it for e-mail? Browsing? Editing document? What's your needs? (Still don't get it, why would she need a cellular phone review? Is she buying one or what?)

Friend: Oh well, while I'm waiting for my order of mix shaved ice here outside the office, can you please browse the web to know what does it say about E71 compared to E66. (Argh! If you're interested with E71, you should have adapted your life style from now on by doing this: already using GPRS-enabled mobile phone bla bla bla.. so that you can find yourself more information about E71 using mobile web browsing)

Me: E71 has qwerty keyboard, longer talk time than E66. The rest is the same. E66 is narrower than 71. The rest of the tech review, you won't understand it unless you give the gadget a try (The rest of the review says: "Remote Wipe" feature. When you lost your phone, you can send a text message using certain codes, which will lock the phone. After three times failed attempt to unlock the phone, the telephone will disavow any knowledge of its owner aka deleting all data pertinent to the real owner. Moral of the story: You won't get your mobile back, but no one will be begging for free pulsa to your contact list)

Friend: Okay.. you earned yourself a spring roll.. Thanks..

Me: #)$%^@#(*^$(@#%



Blogger Eman Yasser said...


Interesting blog and topics

Best of luck

Wed Oct 08, 03:52:00 PM 2008

Anonymous igouw said...

hoy kamerad lama.. hehehehe apakabarmu? minal aidzin walfaidzin ya dit.. mari bersaham-sahaman... eh bersalam salaman.. hahahaha beeen a zillion years .... miss you girl... my new number : 0812-5315-4735, 0878-111-37587, 0815-4500-4501, 0548-5132353 (flexy).. just in case

Fri Oct 17, 08:06:00 PM 2008


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