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Friday, January 23, 2009

You were being too loud, Sir!

Sharing your private space with a couple strangers in an apartment is rather challenging. However, getting false accusations from your neighbors via the reception is another thing.

Reception: I'm sorry, Sir.. We received a complaint from the room next to yours. They said you were being too loud last night.. Too many people were going in and out.. They heard loud music and people were banging on the table.

Man: I'm sorry, what time was it?

Reception: Around 9 PM last night.

Man: Miss, there are only two persons in my apartment. We hardly see each other. I feel bad that we don't really talk to each other. We even listen to music through our iPods.. So, it must be the wrong room.. (pleading by now and felt like being in 30 years of marriage..)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or could it be that your room was/is haunted?:-D

Tue Feb 03, 05:30:00 PM 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Darin said...

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Blogger Ksatrio Wojo Ireng said...

Sis, you blog has become a basketful of junk comments here... anyhow hope this finds you well and kind regards from West Africa.. ;-)

Seriously, this is no junk..


Tue Aug 18, 02:40:00 AM 2009

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