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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

raging hormones

Cianjur is the capital of Cianjur District in West Java Province on Java Island (FYI, Indonesia got over 17,000 big and small islands, as well as densely-populated five huge ones). The sky is still blue and cars are not that many. The city caters traders from its surrounding areas, mostly farmers. It's one of the blossoming city around Bandung, the "Parijs van Java", capital of West Java Province. Geographically speaking, Cianjur District lies at the foot of Gede Pangrango Mountain. The district shares a portion of "Puncak" (peak) a mountanious resort area with Bogor District. Numerous villas and various hotels spread like mushrooms in many villages in both districts.

On Sunday, November 20, 2005, at least two FM radio that I tuned into at different time broadcast a story about high school students of Cianjur.

"If you want to expel me, then expel my friends as well." Was quoted from a high school girl who got caught smoking at school. It turned out that this particular girl had too many reprimands from the school and the smoking scene triggered the school to expel her. But.. (there's always a but..) she refused and asked several of her friends to be expelled as well. Further details were sketchy.

However, around 11 students (8 of those were females, if I'm not mistaken. If I am, then sorry) were finally rounded up and expelled instantly because they were allegedly enganged in prostitution. A teacher was involved as a middleman who arrange meetings between the expelled students and their clients.

The radio immediately got calls from listeners who immediately condemned the students, emphasizing the rebuke on the female students. The fingers were constantly pointing at the young women. The following day, TV stations shocked the public with raw footage of the young students "class orgy". Close up shots were aimed at the female students.

In a word, the public were very angry at the female students, but no one said anything about the teacher, who were only being questioned in a local police station.

Immoral behavior of the female students is the cause célèbre.

Why blaming the female students? Why not looking at circumstances that my cause such thing to happen? Why not taking real, practical actions to tackle such issue. Is sex education that scary or taboo?

After thousand of years since the dawn of civilization and humanity, practical solutions or practical ways that may restores morale instead of questioning and condemning the morale itself is only debated instead of actually being done. Something that only lurks in a "state of mind". Despite danger at their 12 o'clock, human beings seem to choose to wait until danger devours their fellows. And the journey of humanity will continue despite blood, war, epidemic and death.

Are human beings naturally compassionate or only to serve certain purposes?


Friday, November 11, 2005

"sweet euthanasia"

everybody loves irene!
The words "sweet euthanasia" was stolen from these guys' blog, or something that resembles a blog.

I was fishing any new stuff from my list of 41 groups that I subscribed to at "yahoo! groups" and stumbled into an e-mail about a "Indonesian trip-hop band". Geez.. something similar to "Portishead" but by Indonesians? With international reviews of various very foreign languages like Poland.

What an intoxicating music they have..
Sweet, yet murky but liberating.
It might the weater as Jakarta is pouring heavily in the past one hour. Everything seems to snug perfectly into an "out of the box" performance of "Everybody Loves Irene".

These guys are amazing and they're so young (you guys just finished junior high, aren't you? or?). I don't give a damn about their age, but they do produce intoxicating music dan sends you to.. places you name it *winks*

Feast on them here. Free MP3 are available for download and listening:
"Everybody Loves Irene"


cabbage patch dance

ha ha ha.. hilarious movie!
I like most of the "spaceship scenes", while the rest is standard family drama.

chicken dance